One Month Later

Well, one month has passed since my last post. Probably a good time to check in.    In the last four weeks, I have  gone to the gym 3-4 times or so (1-2x the first two weeks).  The third week I was in Colorado and hiked up mountains about 3x.

Hike #8

This last week however has been an utter failure.  On the bright side, I have only had a few meals out of the home and have been largely healthy. This weekend will be a challenge as I go to my favorite Greek restaurant tomorrow, going out on Saturday and to my favorite rib place on Sunday.   My plan is to make sure I have leftovers each time and to do a hell of a workout on Monday.

Wish me luck!


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While this week has truly been a struggle there are a few things that get me through it successfully.  First, is cutting out the things that are holding me back.  Whether that’s people, schedules, objects or mental blocks, it is impossible to move forward when you have negative influences present.  I have altered each one of those areas in my life to make progress in weight loss and other areas more possible.

Second and what I would say is most important is to develop consistency.  That is, consistency in habit and consistency of mind. If I don’t know what to expect or have a schedule, then I tend to procrastinate and not accomplish the goals that I set for myself.

This week, I ran 2.5 miles on Tuesday, and 4.1 miles today.  I also limited my calories to a more healthy level.  The next week, I would like to work out on Sunday, Monday, and Friday.  Wish me luck 🙂



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Life brings change. Sometimes it’s hard to accept, but it is inevitable.  The start of this year has brought many for me.  The end of a relationship I cared a lot about, the start of my new business, a new computer, and a renewed sense of motivation for my personal health, emotional health and professional success. At the beginning of the year, I weighed in at 240 lbs.  This is almost 60 pounds heavier than my low and totally unacceptable.  The last time I weighed in (late last week), I was 233 lbs.  Still unacceptable but at least going in the right direction. Here is a picture of where I was at last night:

Well, this is me at 233, time to get back on track!

Well, this is me at 233, time to get back on track!

This morning, I went for my first outdoors run, check out the path:

A cold 2.5 miles

A cold 2.5 miles

As my blog title implies, it’s time to get back on track and continue moving forward and testing new boundaries. Cheers, David

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9 Months-Restart

My last post was 9 months ago…That is ridiculous. This blog used to be something I looked forward to.  I couldn’t wait to post the results of my workout or weight loss process.  As life has moved forward, I found other goals, and other things that helped me feel fulfilled.  Still I miss having a place to post my thoughts, experiences and adventures.

Not only that, but I need to find a way to become more accountable. I am up in weight by quite a bit.  From my low of 182, I am now at ~220 lbs. I still run, but eat out way too much.  Last month, I only spent $15 on groceries.  Not because I don’t need them, but because I ate out so frequently I didn’t get the chance to go shopping.

So, I have already taken efforts to be more proactive on grocery shopping and have started to eat out less frequently. Next, I need to find a place to work out consistently during the winter. Minnesota is brutal, and I need a plan to make it through the winter without gaining 20 more pounds.

I’m going to give this a try again. It worked last time, I believe it will help this time.  My first goal is to get below 220 lbs by the end of November. Keep tuned, I will post at least once a week.


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What’s Going On?

Well, there is good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first? Who am I kidding, let’s start with the bad. I have gained 6 lbs since my last weigh-in in December. I now have been weighing in consistently between 203-204lbs.  

So what’s the good news? Well, that I’ve only gained around 6lbs. It could be a whole lot worse. My work schedule has been 7:30am-8pm five days a week and I do consulting work on the weekend. I have had little motivation to do workouts during the week. 

So, what am I planning on doing about it? I have decided to run the Twin Cities Marathon next October. This blog will be dedicated to the preparation, work and motivation put forth for that effort. I can’t run a marathon with my current work schedule so something has to change, either waking up early or finding the energy to run when I’m back home.

Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated! 

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Where Did The Time Go?

Geez, it is already the first week of December and in the negatives here!  I can’t remember the last time I posted, or going outside was so miserable.  I also don’t remember what number week I’m on, but that may be for the better. The truth is I need to find a reason to continue this blog!  I haven’t lost motivation to lose weight, to make music, to truly push myself (hence the name testing true change 🙂 ), but I can’t keep posting formulaic numbered posts every week. 

I think, and I’ve said this before, that I will start turning this into more of a creative outlet for me, posting things I find to be interesting politically, musically, and philosophically with an update to my weight every now and then. I think I have a unique take on several political issues that I can give based on my experiences and education and am a person who loves discussion and debate, so don’t be afraid to comment, give me ideas, or ask me to share anything that you find interesting!


Anyways, I am at 198.9 and on my way down again, so everything is good there.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving/Holiday weekend!


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Weekly Weigh-Day #34

Last Weigh-In Weight: 197.1 lbs

Today’s Weight: 198.2 lbs

Total Loss: 98.1 lbs lbs

Weekly Loss: +1.1 lbs

Definitely not the direction I want to be going. It has been a long and frustrating/exciting week but that is no excuse to gain wait.  I need to get re-energized about losing again, I went from almost 212 down to 196 and need to get back on track before I get to high again!

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