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Life brings change. Sometimes it’s hard to accept, but it is inevitable.  The start of this year has brought many for me.  The end of a relationship I cared a lot about, the start of my new business, a new … Continue reading

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Went running with a friend yesterday and was a bit too busy to post, but here are the results from the workout! Results: Starting Weight: 296.3 lbs Current Approx. Weight: 209 lbs Distance: 2.0 mi Total Time: 30:51 min Average … Continue reading

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Weigh Day #5

Results: Total beginning weight: 296.3 lbs Last week’s weight: 226.9 lbs Current weight: 225.3 lbs Total lost: 71 lbs Percentage of beginning weight: 23.9 % Weely total lost: 1.6 lbs Reasons why gain or loss Well this was a pretty … Continue reading

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What Motivates You?

Today’s was a decent workout.  Not great but not terrible! Still quite sore from snowshoeing on Sunday Hopefully by Friday I will be able to go the whole 3 miles. Results: Starting Weight: 296 lbs Current Approx. Weight: 230.8 lbs … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Lose Weight

I’ve decided that Tuesday and Thursday’s will be miscellaneous writing days for me.  They will be days that I can write about whatever I want. Today, I feel like talking about 5 things that have helped me lose the weight … Continue reading

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