Monthly Weigh in #4

So today is technically the 4th month since I “restarted” posting on this blog regularly (I really need to be on that ;))

It has been a good and bad couple of weeks since I last posted.  I got up to about 211 and have since been fighting (and it’s been a real struggle) to get back down.  Here are the stats:

Last Weigh-in: 207.2 lbs

Today’s weight: 205.0 lbs

Monthly (3 week) Loss: 2.2 lbs

Total Lost: 91.3 lbs

Percentage of weight lost: 30.8%


As early as last Saturday, I was at 208, so the 2.2 lbs lost is actually more than it looks.  I have been as close to perfect with my diet as I could be over the last week.  I went out with friends, but chose not to eat or if I did, ate small and healthy portions.  I realize that just because my body was able to withstand my poor eating choices for a while doesn’t mean that it will forever and I need to be healthier.


I have also started up a new weight lifting program.  Last time I lifted I wasn’t focusing on all the muscles and I think that hindered the progress.  I am being much more comprehensive and think it will help out a lot.


See you the next time!


About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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6 Responses to Monthly Weigh in #4

  1. Alan says:

    Good work! Looks like you are on track.

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  3. Hey! After a bout with temporary insanity, I am back.


    Keep at it. The struggle will end once we get back in our groove….. in theory…. 😛

  4. Jack Thomas says:

    Holy cow, unbelievable great job! Good on you! You are totally on the right track – the key is loosing weight is commitment to a routine–which is the tough part! It takes balance, at least for me. Here’s my change: 1 – Exercise. 2 – Eat smaller portions. 3 – Drink tons of water. 4 – Supplements–if you do that kinda thing: I used: 5 – Eliminate Alcohol, Carbs, Sugar, glutens, and the bad stuff. The results are down 24 pounds in 8 weeks. You keep it up, it WILL pay off!

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