I’ve been posting far far too infrequently lately! My capstone and end of the year projects have just consumed my time. But I am done with them now and all set to graduate next Monday so I will be back more consistently I promise!


Anyways, as far as weight goes, this week has absolutely sucked.  I ballooned up to a weight I haven’t been since like March 2011. That weight was 212….I am now back to 207 and am hoping to be close to 200 by my graduation next Monday. That would mean I have to be pretty much perfect every day.  The challenges are tonight (My dad’s birthday party) and Saturday night (Going out to celebrate graduation part 1).  My goal is to eat a dinner that is less than 1000 calories on each of those nights (Today I will only eat about 500 cal. before dinner).

Going out that is hard to do, but we will be going for seafood, so a grilled fish will likely have less calories.


Wish me luck, I will check back in on Sat. morning and Monday morning of graduation!

About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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One Response to Challenges

  1. Good luck with the food challenges. Don’t stress out too much if you have graduation food issues. JUST GET BACK HERE when it is over. 😀

    And get back to running says the pot not riding his bike. 😀

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