Crazy Week

Sometimes in life you’re thrown for a bit of a loop. This week, I had a bit of a health scare that has affected some of my workout schedule at least for this week.  As such my weight is now about 2 pounds more than last weigh-in. I expected a bit of a bounce back or to stay the same this week as losing 6.5 lbs in a week, especially at my weight is a bit ridiculous. I am shooting for 1-2 lbs a week which means that 4 pounds over two weeks is a good loss and that is where I am at even with those two pounds.  Hopefully, by Saturday, I can drop another!

Anyways, aside from the weight and the health scare, everything is going crazy, so much to do. On a good note, in 2 months I will have completed my masters degree!!!



About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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8 Responses to Crazy Week

  1. cruz2lose says:

    Thinking of you and hope all is well! Only two months until Masters? Time has been flying! You are awesome!


  2. alan says:

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  3. Congratulations on just about being done with the Masters. Hope the health scare was nothing serious. Thanks for getting me back to the blog. 😛

  4. Shonnie says:

    what health scare??

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