Held You In My Heart

So, I have been gone for a while!  This is the reason why:

I planned and performed in a charity variety show for the Make-A-Wish foundation, and pretty much had no time for the blog between that, school and work!

Nothing terrible on the weight front thankfully, I am around 199 give or take a couple pounds.  I need to start losing again, so I am going to start running more seriously again and posting results up here.  Thanks Grumpy and Beth for continually checking in with me.  I will do my best to be around 🙂


About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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5 Responses to Held You In My Heart

  1. Alan says:

    Glad you’re back! Great song.

  2. You don’t know how happy I am that you are still out there! Welcome back. Now, STOP eating. 😛

  3. I said STOP EATING. 😛

  4. Hello out there!!!

    Get back to work and get back to posting. Believe me, you don’t want to get back over 200. It isn’t a pleasant experience. 😛

  5. Where oh where are you hiding Testy?

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