Minnesota Vikings Season Preview

As the weekend draws near, NFL season is about to start!  I am going to do a win-loss preview for my fellow Viking fans and will do a recap midway through as well as at the end of the season.

Week         Opponent Result      

1                     Jaguars             Loss

Even though it is a home game, MJD is going to be back and Peterson will be limited.  The Jaguars have a good defense with a top 10 rush defense last year and with a still questionable rush defense and secondary, the vikings might not be able to contain the Jaguars rushing attack enough to come away with a win.  This one could go the vikings way, but it will depend on two factors.  How well Christian Ponder can find his receivers without Jerome Simpson and how well the secondary plays.

2.                   Colts                 Win (1-1)

Although I think Andrew Luck will certainly be a good quarterback in the league, I just don’t think the Colts team is complete enough to beat the vikings.  Look for Adrian Peterson to start having a larger role, allowing ponder more freedom to play more efficiently.

3.                   49ers                Loss (1-2)

Another loss at home for the vikings.  The 49ers Defense is too good and their offense will get the job done.

4.                  Lions                 Loss (1-3)

Stafford to Johnson all day.  Vikings defensive backs unfortunately won’t be able to stop it.

5.                  Titans                Win (2-3)

Finally, a home win!  I think Christian Ponder, with Simpson back and a likely more healthy Peterson, will have the offense moving effectively in this game.

6.                  Redskins           Loss (2-4)

Redskins have a better all-around team.  Could be a Vikings victory, I think a lot will come down to the play of RGIII.

7.                  Cardinals          Win (3-4)

Cardinals are going to have issues at quarterback all year and even with Larry Fitzgerald won’t be able to overcome that.  The Vikings should win this game.

8.                 Buccaneers       Win (4-4)

The Vikings are the all around more talented team and should pull this one out.  A lot will depend on the defenses ability to stop the rush, which could prove to be difficult with the up and coming Doug Martin.

9.                 Seahawks          Loss (4-5)

I think the Seahawks are going to surprise people this year.  Playing in Seattle against a team vying to make the playoffs in a difficult conference could prove too much for the vikings.

10.             Lions                    Loss (4-6)

Yes it is a home game, but the Lions are legit.

11.             BYE

12.              Bears                  Loss (4-7)

Bears although certainly full of their own problems, should beat the Vikings at home.

13.             Packers                Loss (4-8)

This is probably the only game I will confidently say the vikings won’t win.  Playing the packers at Lambeau field could turn into a blowout.

14.              Bears                   Win (5-8)

I think the Vikes will surprise people and beat the bears at home.

15.             Rams                    Win (6-8)

The Vikings should be able to beat the rams, they have both the more talented offense and defense.

16.            Texans                  Loss (6-9)

The Texans will likely be playing for playoff seeding and be motivated.  I think it’s unlikely the viking secondary will be able to stop their pass attack.

17.            Packers                  Loss (6-10)

Even though the packers will likely be sitting their starters, I find it hard to see the Vikings beating them, even at home.

Overall Record: 6-10

Record at Home: 4-4

Record Away: 2-6

I think that although it is certainly not as good as you want your team to do, this season will be a good transition and building year.  Christian Ponder will get better and a young secondary will get some experience playing together.  Doubling their wins will help grow confidence and still allow them a pretty high draft pick in the 5-10 range to select another building block for the franchise (Crossing my fingers for a Wide Receiver or Linebacker).


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5 Responses to Minnesota Vikings Season Preview

  1. Alan says:

    Well, you were right on last year. I have high hopes for a game 1 win against Jacksonville.

  2. Sean Breslin says:

    6-10? You have to be more positive than that before Week 1!

    I think the Vikings could win 8 games if all goes well.

    • I think that’s plenty optimistic after a 3-13 year and having your best player injured, best receiver out for the first 3 games and losing their starting middle linebacker! I would love for them to be 8-8, but I think it’s more realistic that they will only double their wins rather than triple them.

      We shall see my friend, if they win 8 or more, I will be ecstatic.

  3. Ahem! It is Saturday. Where is the weigh-in! 😛

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