Sea Salt Eatery/Picture Progress 2

Tilapia Tacos

Today I ran a 10k from downtown Minneapolis to Sea Salt eatery in Minnehaha falls.  Was very hot, but also well worth it! They had some amazing Calamari and fish tacos 🙂

Since I haven’t shown y’all my progress in pictures in a while I thought I would do that today.

Where I started at 296 pounds

237 lbs-Weight when I started the blog

205 lbs-Weight upon leaving Denver

200 lbs-Weight as starting graduate school

187 lbs-Weight today!

Even though it’s only a 13 pound difference between now and last August, I think there is a pretty significant difference!  Makes up for some of the struggles as of late 🙂

Any thoughts? Leave your comments below!


About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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8 Responses to Sea Salt Eatery/Picture Progress 2

  1. Excellent transformation! Would you be interested in sharing it w/before – after photos on our website?
    Thanks again..

  2. Alan says:

    Great job today. Lookin good!

  3. Great job! I’ve gone and exploded so I am avoiding new pictures until I get back on the right track.

  4. Well, in your case you are still getting healthier each day with all of that running. Keep it up! 😀

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