Weigh-Day # 70


Total beginning weight: 296.3 lbs

Last Weigh-in’s weight: 187.2 lbs

Current weight: 189.2 lbs

Total lost: 107.1 lbs

Percentage of beginning weight: 36.1%

Weekly total lost: +2 lbs

Reasons why gain or loss:

This is a bit frustrating for me.  There are a few reasons I can think of for the gain.

1) Eating too late in the night.

2) Adding weightlifting once again

3) Changing my diet and what I’ve been eating

The gain was not from a lack of workouts as I ran almost 14 miles this week and did weights every other day.  I am going to stop eating after 8 pm as I think that could help curb extra calories that I am picking up l ate in night.  I do think that the 182 I hit earlier was somewhat artificial and unhealthy as the diet I had to achieve that was limited and I wasn’t doing any weights workouts.  I am committed now to having a more nutritional diet as well as balanced workout plan, and that may have helped to contribute to a gain.  In the long run, I believe it will be healthier for me.


About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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4 Responses to Weigh-Day # 70

  1. Janet says:

    Woohoo, what a progress and inspiration!!

    • Thank you! Wish I felt like I was making progress, these last couple of weeks have been brutal weight wise :/

      • Janet says:

        You just have to stay focused and never give up. My progress has been slow in general and sometimes it’s hard to see how others just seem to be dropping the pounds like there is no tomorrow but there is a saying here in Germany that goes about “Even slow cats catch mice”, so we will eventually get there. The good thing is, we will have had more time to adjust to healthier eating habits, which then again is more likely to stick.´So just keep it up. I am with you on this one. 😉

      • Agreed, thank you for the thoughtful comment Janet! We can both do it we just have to stick with the healthy lifestyle. Thank you for the support 🙂

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