Monthly Wiegh In #16


Total beginning weight: 296.3 lbs

Last Months Weight:188.7 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 183.6 lbs

Current weight: 184.3lbs

Total lost: 112 lbs

Percentage of beginning weight: 37.8%

Monthly Loss: 4.3 lbs

Weely total lost: +0.7 lbs

Reasons why gain or loss

Well there is good and bad with this weigh in!  But mostly good.  Although I weighed in less last week and even on Thursday of this week, I expected my weight to go up a bit as I ate a lot last night and had Chipotle for dinner on Thursday. It is disappointing, but I’m sure I’ll bounce back and be lower next Month.  On the good side, this is my largest Monthly Loss since September my 13th month of losing weight!  Since September, I had been losing less than two pounds a month and had a few where I didn’t lose anything and one where I even gained a couple pounds.

For those of you just starting out on the journey, here is a tip that worked well for me. Only place value on your Monthly Weigh-In’s.  The long-term trend is what really matters.  If your weight goes up at a monthly weigh-in you know that you are doing something wrong and need to change it.  This does not mean however, to not keep track of your weight on a weekly or monthly basis however.  If you do that, as I did, you can catch a bad trend and turn it around faster than if you were to wait for a month.  It is important however to not become too hung up on your daily or weekly weigh-ins and not let it affect your lifestyle or emotional state of mind.


About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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5 Responses to Monthly Wiegh In #16

  1. tlbflowllc says:

    I fully agree that the long-term trend is what really matters!

    Also, I have to mention that I love Chipotle burrito bowls. I don’t have them very often, but they’re definitely a favorite. 🙂

  2. Alan says:

    Good comments!

  3. The long term trend still looks great and the exercise you are getting makes you healthier each and every day. Keep up the fantastic work. 😀

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