Winter Winds

Today was a pretty great workout!  overall I ran about 3.3 and walked 1.3 miles 🙂  I also am really excited to be starting school on Tuesday and already have a bunch of readings I have to do for class.  On another note it was definitely a bit chillier in Minnesota today as it was in the 60’s.  Hence why I chose the song!


Starting Weight: 296.3 lbs

Current Approx. Weight: 196.4 lbs


Distance: 2.01 mi

Total Time: 17:05

Average Mile Pace: 8:31/mi

Fastest Mile Pace: 7:52/mi

Average Heart Rate: 169 bpm

Calories Burned: 282

Run/Walk (half and half today):

Distance: 2.61 mi

Time: 35:29 min

Average Mile Pace: 13:35

Average Heart Rate: 137 bpm

Calories Burned: 424


Workout song of the day: “Winter Winds” by Mumford & Sons

I’ve probably posted this song before but I really enjoy it!


Link of the day:

I was really thinking about what it meant to live life free from fear today.  It is more than just a mindset, I am done living in fear of what others may say or think.  The post is a reminder that we only live one life and what happens in that life is what we make of it.  Well I choose to be honest with myself and others even if it hurts or isn’t always the socially appropriate thing to do.  Even if it means I don’t always have the “upper hand”.  I have realized lately that what makes me the happiest is being myself and not compromising that.


Any thoughts? Leave your comment below!


About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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2 Responses to Winter Winds

  1. cruz2lose says:

    I really loved what you said here and now I wonder about what kind of fear that you have experienced. I feel your strength come through in this post. Thinking of you!
    : )

    • Aw, thank you 🙂 I’ve experienced plenty of fear, fear of gaining the weight back, fear of failure, fear of losing someone I love. But through it all I have just had to remember to keep it together and keep pushing forward and be myself!

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