Pandora vs. Spotify

As I said last week I finally got spotify!  There are a few differences between it and Pandora although I still think they both have their uses.  Today, I will take the time to outline a few of the major differences.  I hope it is helpful in determining whether you choose to use one or the other or both.

Finding new artists

In terms of random artists you’d never expect to come up, Pandora wins this battle.  However with Spotify you can click the related artists tab and what really sets it over the edge is you can then listen to all the previous albums, singles and related material that artist had done.
Winner: Spotify

Listening to your favorite music:

The concept behind Pandora is great however I believe spotify has a distinct advantage in that you can create your own playlists.  Unlike Pandora you can listen to songs you marked as your favorites and then check similar/related artists to hear new stuff.  It’s like a mix between Itunes and Pandora!
Winner: Spotify

Ease of use:

This is probably the only one I would give to Pandora as all you have to do is type in an artist and it will make a station for you whereas with Spotify you actually have to specifically search for new artists.

Winner: Pandora

Any thoughts? Leave your comments below!

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I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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7 Responses to Pandora vs. Spotify

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  6. Mooi commentaar ! ik geef U helemaal gelijk ! Ik hou ook van die muziek!!

  7. Milton H. Edwards says:

    Thanks for sharing your comparison thoughts! I agree with you on all the strengths of both products. I would add, however, that for the great price of a mere $36/year, Pandora has a huge advantage over Spotify at ~$60/year. You still get to listen to a variety of artists in high-quality sound, and you can create a myriad of stations by just looking up some of the artists you like as you listen. Sure, it’s nice to be able to find all the works of one or more artists and listen to them, like on Spotify, but when I just want to listen to a variety of artists on the radio, Pandora wins! Hope my opinions help others decide. Why pay more?

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