Review: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Well, I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie and have very mixed feelings about it.  Let me say, that I grew up with Harry.  I used to look forward to the day that the new books would come out and once they did would spend all day reading it.  With that said, it was very bittersweet for me when I was watching this last movie because it signified an end to something that took me away to a different magical world.



Well the movie definitely followed the general structure of the book.  Obviously most of us have read the books prior to the movie which can be contradictory in how to judge the movie.  This is because 1) We have high standards for how closely the movie will follow the book and 2) We know the plot and I presume have enjoyed it in the books and therefore already know we will enjoy the basic plot of the movie.  While I think the movie definitely followed the plot, I also thought it followed it in the most basic sense.  I didn’t sense much creativity with the movie. I also thought that it lost some of what made the book so good.  It felt like there was no real explanation during Harry’s scene with Dumbledore and the final battle with Voldemort was absolutely terrible.  There was no real dialogue between Harry and Voldemort and they were alone!  In the book I had imagined Harry facing down  his greatest foe in front of everyone he grew up with.  It gave that final scene a sense of finality that the movie just lacked completely.  I think most fans went to the movie to see what they had read and I think for the most part the movie delivers.  Just don’t expect anything completely new or anything in-depth.

Grade: B-


I thought this was where the movie really excelled.  David Yates did a fantastic job directing the film.  The style was unique and really captured the viewers attention.  It reminded m a bit of the style used in The Dark Knight.  This was probably the biggest postitive about the movie.

Grade: A


The characters in this movie  felt real to me.  It was another aspect that I really enjoyed.  There were a few other negatives.  First, I felt like this movie centered around Harry a bit too much.  While, I am okay with that it took away focus from other central roles like Ron and Hermoine.  I also felt like Voldemort had almost no role in this movie.  Not only did I feel the final battle was terrible, but there was no real sense of fear for me.

Grade: B


Overall Grade: B

It was a good movie, but one that unless you are a huge Harry Potter fine like me, you can wait till it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray.



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9 Responses to Review: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

  1. ciaranaustin says:

    Nice post, personally I think it stayed as true to the book as possible – otherwise we’d still be waiting for HP&DH Part 3! Please could you do me a favour and check out my post at:

    • haha thanks for reading. That’s a fair point. However, I could see a lot of small things I think they could’ve done that could’ve made the film better. All in all I enjoyed the experience!

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    I agree with you on the final battle scene between Harry and Voldemort. One of the major psychological differences between Harry and Tom Riddle was that Harry did NOT act alone, while Voldemort was a loner and never shared his secrets with anyone. In the book Harry, very appropriately, shared his final battle and triumphant victory over evil with the friends, adopted family and teachers who had made Hogwarts his true home. The movie suffers without the climactic group moment and Harry’s powerful taunt: ‘Don’t you get it? I was ready to die to stop you from hurting these people…I’ve done what my mother did. They’re protected from you. Haven’t you noticed none of your curses are binding? You can’t torture them. You can’t touch them.’

    Without the transcendent moment of shared joy, the movie’s end fell flat for me, almost obscuring so much that was right (especially the deeply moving, redemptive moments of Snape’s death and shared memories).

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  4. I wasn’t a big fan of he whole split the final book into two movies. I thought there was plenty of filler they could chop out that just wasn’t necessary.

    It seems like every book, people get mad at Harry, Harry gets mad at friends, they all make up and beat the evil bad guys. The final book had too much of that nonsense.

    I’m going to see the movie this weekend and the bar is set real low for me. I didn’t like the last movie very much although I liked all the other movies.

    Maybe with the low bar, I will be pleasantly surprised. 😀

  5. Lars says:

    i agree with you about the final battle, in the book it was realy magical,
    when harry triumphed over Voldemort even before they had thrown their spells,
    and afterward everyone was excited, but in the movie i got the idea that it was no big deal that the dark lord was vanguished forever.

    i also realy missed the part where Harry, Ron and Hermoine walked up to the office and got aplause from all the headmasters in the pictures and the last talk with dumbledore before the epiloque.

    But otherwise it was a good expersiense to watch the movie, espesially the part when he saw snapes old memories, just as i imagined it from the book!

    4 out of 5 stars

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