There Comes A Day Pt. 2

So, I posted the lyrics a while back but not the video.  I decided to post this today as a tribute to my five years out in Denver, the pictures are of me and some of my best friends out there.  I will definitely miss it, but will hopefully make some good new memories in friends in Minnesota as well!


About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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6 Responses to There Comes A Day Pt. 2

  1. ~L says:

    I have a friend in St. Paul. I hope your new layer in you life brings many joys:)

  2. cruz2lose says:

    That was absolutely beautiful…thank you so very much for sharing. *Heads for the tissue….

  3. What a sweet video, I loved it

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