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Today, was a hard day for a run seeing as I haven’t run since last Friday.  I ended up mixing running and walking.  I probably ran about 2 miles of the total distance! I’m thinking for Friday, I will use my bike and try to do between 6 and 10 miles at the park.  I’m still getting used to the bike but it should be an exciting new exercise and hopefully will work some different muscles 🙂


Starting Weight: 296.3

Current Approx. Weight: 217.4 lbs

Distance: 2.76 mi

Total Time: 34:10 min

Average Mile pace: 12:23

Fastest Mile pace: 10:04

Average Speed: 4.8 mph

Average Heartrate: 133 bpm

Calories burned: 395

Workout song of the Day: “Back In Black” by ACDC

The first song that came on my workout playlist today.  It really pumped me up! I hope it does for you as well!!

Thought of the Day:

Nothing groundbreaking here, I just find it interesting that as I lose weight, I lose less calories during my workouts yet still find it hard to increase the intensity too much.  I would love to hear peoples advice on this problem.  My first plan as mentioned above is to try a different type of exercise like biking.

Any thoughts? Leave your comment below!


About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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2 Responses to Back To Workout Form

  1. Oh no, a bike1 😀

    Be careful if you wear bike gloves, you will look like a mutant.

    I was pale as a ghost before I started riding, 7 weeks later, my arms are brown and my hands are still pale from the gloves. 😛

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