My Top 5 Snack Foods

Snacks.  Always a controversial issue when it comes to dieting.  Yet to some extent I do feel they are needed to stave off hunger.  So today I will make a list of my favorite healthy snacks to have and the ones I do my best to avoid.

Top 5 “Healthy” Snacks

1. Salad (100-200 Calories)-Every day I will make a salad, usually with romaine lettuce, carrots, basil, oregano, olive oil and a bit of Parmesan Cheese.

2. Fruit (~100 Calories)-I try to incorporate fruit into my diet every day.  Common ones include Blueberries, Banana’s, Blackberry’s, Oranges and Apples.  I find I feel better after having a bit of fruit. They also supply an ample amount of vitamins and even anti-oxidants.

3. Tea (0 Calories)-I’m not sure whether Tea qualifies as a snack or not, but, I often find it reduces my hunger.  My favorites include, Green tea and Tulsi tea.  I’m still getting into the whole drinking tea on a consistent basis but I definitely find it helps.

4. Carrots (25-50 Calories)-This is a low calorie option that I find delicious.  Usually you can eat a whole lot of carrots for under 50 calories and it fills you up.  If you find carrots by themselves boring you can always introduce a low calorie dip such as guacamole or hummus.

5. Seeds/Nuts-Almonds, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds etc..,  They may be higher in calories and fat, but it is usually the good type of fat and they have other essential nutrients that the body needs.

Top  “Unhealthy” Snacks

1. Chips/Nachos-One of the easiest and high calorie foods for me to overeat.  Just 15 of these chips is around 120 calories, plus at least 100 calories of cheeseand other toppings and sauces this snack can come in at the low end of 400 “Bad” calories. More likely, in the past I would have at least 30 chips and more than 200 calories of cheese as well as black beans, sour cream and guacamole.  This would end up over 500 calories.

2. Cookies-Not as big of a weakness as nachos for me.  They are still quite the temptation when you go to get togethers.  One cookie doesn’t seem too bad, but when you add them up over the course of a day or week it is completely unnecessary calories.

3. Taco Bell/Fast Food-Yes, I used to consider this a snack.  I would go and get a burrito or taco at night with some friends.  It definitely played a role in my weight gain after Atkins and I hope to never gain that weight again.  I haven’t had Taco Bell or any fast food other than Chipotle since around October.

About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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11 Responses to My Top 5 Snack Foods

  1. alan says:

    A really interesting post. What do you think about 1)diet soft drinks? Kind of a mixed thing, and 2) A juicer machine?

    • Thanks! 1) I try to stay away from diet soft drinks as much as possible. I’ve probably only had a few since I started this new lifestyle and most of those were on my roadtrip home in october! 2) I don’t know much about a juicer machine?

      • jorgebriones says:

        Like you, I do my best to stay away from diet soft drinks too. On occasion I will drink something of that extent. Years ago, I used to drink a combination of Snapple, Gatorade and a soft drink at my desk. But after starting my diet and workout program, I bought a Nalgene bottle and filled it up with water. No calories equals a happy me. In a day I can drink up to three liters. As for the juicer it’s a good thing to have, but I really do not have time to buy fruits extract juice from fruits. Time consuming…at least for me. But it’s very beneficial. “All natural”

  2. I happen to agree with your selections for healthy snacks. Having a salad is a given especially with the added healthy toppings you include. Personally I can enjoy a salad at any time of the day. Years ago you couldn’t pay me to eat vegetables. Each day I will have a fruit as a snack. Since I have not seen the gym in weeks I have decreased my caloric intake. Which means I have decreased the amount of fruits I ingest. But when I’m on my game I can eat a combination of grapes, oranges and banana’s. Very filling indeed. Tea does not contain any calories as you pointed out. But keep in mind it also acts as a suppressant. As for seeds/nuts just know while they do contain a good amount of calories, they act as fuel. And contain a good amount of protein. Speaking of protein have you tried Greek Yogurt as a snack? I love it. Personally out of all the brands available I prefer Chobani. Sorry for monopolizing your comment section. 🙂 Great entry.

    • Thanks Jorge! I have heard great things about Greek Yogurt! Don’t apologize! That is what the comment section is for and I hope to get a conversation on these posts 😀

      • jorgebriones says:

        Yes Greek Yogurt is thicker than the conventional yogurt. While eating it plain is an acquired taste, I prefer buying the ones with fruits in them. Otherwise if I do buy plain, I will put granola or honey in them. Fruits will work too. Definitely check into it. It’s worth the buy.

      • I will give it a go!

  3. cruz2lose says:

    Oh man, you had to mention my favorite…nachos! Ha! You secretly planted in the guilt, darn. Now I feel the need to explain myself…um…lemme see…does it count if I barely eat anything a few days before I present myself with my favorite treat? I am gluten intolerant and for the love of zero calorie jello, I can’t take chicken anymore!!!!!!!!!!
    Gosh accountability sucks.

  4. Sabi says:

    Carrots are my fave snacks on the go. As soon as I get the munchies i chomp on them and i feel full in an instant!!

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