Ramble Pt. 1

First, let me say that I am not trying to criticize anyone’s weight loss attempts or use of any type of diet to get there.  My only point with this post is to reflect my inner-feelings on the issue and how it relates to me.  On my part, I have believed that if I had gained weight it was due to external reasons x, y, or z.  Maybe I wasn’t following the diet well enough, or maybe I watched TV too much, or maybe it was too cold outside to workout.  My point is that for too long I have made excuses based on external factors.

Weight loss won’t happen because of other things like Weight Watchers or Atkins, Weather or TV. Sustainable weight loss is because of you and your choices.  Even if doing these diets work, it’s because of your choices, not because the diets are special.  I sincerely mean that, it is because you have made the choice to live a healthier lifestyle not because Weight Watchers or Atkins forced you to do their diet.  I think sometimes I have used these diets so that I have something to blame when it goes wrong afterwords. In reality, it is my own fault.  I stopped trying to be healthy and I stopped working out.

My point is, that I think this is very important to remember.  We are in control of our destinies.  We make our choices and the results are ours to hold.  What you lose in terms of weight is because you made the choice to lose not because you are doing any specific type of diet and you should be damn proud of it!

Any Thoughts? Leave your comment below!


About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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12 Responses to Ramble Pt. 1

  1. I could not agree with you more! The reverse of that is also true. It is not McDonalds fault that I weigh 400 lbs. It is my fault for ordering 2 double cheeseburgers, a Big Mac, large fries and a super sized coke.

  2. True but at the same time, some diets seem to work better for certain people. You have to make the decision to really stick with it until reaching your goal and then you need to stick with it for maintenance.

    I’ve done a great job with the first part, but it will be interesting to see how I maintain the weight once I reach my goal.

    That was the main reason for starting my blog, to keep my honest and focused once I reach my goal weight.

    Back to your main point, I agree that you have to make the decision to change your life and stick with it, but clearly some diets work better than others. Some people need to see results to stick with it. Had I done a low fat diet, I probably wouldn’t be here typing this here little message.

    • Definitely. The point I’m trying to make is not that some diets are better than others, but rather that you are in control of the diet not the other way around! You are the reason you are living that lifestyle, you make the choice to continue that lifestyle or not. Whether we succeed or not, in my opinion is based on us rather than external factors 🙂

  3. Well said, my friend. Living healthy is based off choices. Do I want to enjoy this TV movie and burger or do I enjoy a workout followed by a a protein shake with fruits? Our society has lost its way. And it’s no wonder we are an obese society. It starts at a young age and continues to our teens and adult life. Instead of going straight home from a long day at the office, I went to the gym for a workout. That choice allows me to sleep easy. 🙂

    • Agreed, for a long time, I made that choice to watch TV and eat large amounts of food rather than work out and do something productive. It sure feels good to be making the decision to work out now 🙂

  4. alan says:

    What do you think is the actual mechanism that makes one make the “decision”? Is it an intellectual awakening, or fear of illness? How do you get someone to want to make the decision?

    • That’s a good question, was planning on going over what motivates me tomorrow. I think for everyone it is very different. But only that person can know why they want to lose the weight.

  5. I would imagine Fear is the main motivator. Fear of poor health. Fear of being alone. Fear of economic insecurity caused by insane health care costs.

    One of the main reasons I started was that I am unemployed and I thought that walking into a HR office at 323 would keep me from getting the job.

    Also health issues started popping up, so I just made the decision to get the problem taken care of.

    I also stopped drinking on March 7, 2009. So after a year without a drink, I realized that I could control my vices thus I could diet for a year if I really put my mind to it.

  6. eva626 says:

    well said!!! how long have you switched to a healthier lifestyle? i tried and its not that hard after a few months…but once you go back its hard to start good again…!!! lol nice post!

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