How Do We Achieve Happiness?

Well, today I decided to be normal and run outside on a warm, 63 degree day (compared to Monday when it was only 37).  Did I mention I was running in Shorts and a T-Shirt on Monday?  Anyways, even though I didn’t quite make it to four miles today’s was a really good run.  The first mile and a half felt pretty much effortless!  I don’t think I’ve felt that way since I was much younger!


Starting Weight: 296

Current Approx. Weight: 234.8

Distance: 3.0

Total Time: 35:50

Average Mile pace: 11:56/mi

Fastest Mile pace: 11:52/mi

Average Heartrate: 172

Calories burned: 742

Workout song of the day: “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons

Did any of you watch the Grammy’s?  This was by far my favorite performance!  They absolutely rocked the stage! What did you think of it?

Link of the day:

Good question?  Yes sometimes I eat when I’m not hungry.  Only because I am trying to keep a consistent schedule.  I can’t say that I have a heaping tablespoon of Almond Butter, but I will definitely eat an Apple.  To some extent, I do agree, it is important not to eat past the point where you are satiated.  I have been working on this, as it is incredibly hard after living your whole life eating until you are absolutely stuffed.

Thoughts of the Day:

As I go for my run, I usually think about my very abstract goals and views on life.  I got to thinking, what is it that makes people happy?  What is similar and what is different between us?  Could it be that there is something universal that creates happiness?  Do our actions determine our happiness or do our ideas?  That is a lot of questions, but I think it is important to think about as I strive to be a happy and positive person.  What is it that makes me happy?  Well, personally, I am a creative person, I love to write and perform music.  I also like to help other people, when I get the chance to be around other people I am usually much happier.  Do I believe that there is something universal to make us happy?  Actually no, I think that everyone is different, but I do think that we all have the potential to strive for happiness, and that if we all take time to think about what truly makes us happy we can strive to incorporate that in our lives.

Any thoughts? Leave your comment below!


About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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4 Responses to How Do We Achieve Happiness?

  1. Running has always been something I love, but getting to that endurance point of being able to run the entire time is pure torture. Kudos to you for pushing through that. I hope to get there one day.

    • Thanks for checking my blog out! It is really hard to get to that point, when I started I could only run for about a minute straight! I just kept increasing the time and pushing myself a bit more and eventually it started to get easier. Don’t get me wrong though, the last mile and a half today was absolutely torture. So I still have plenty of work to do! I believe in you, just keep pushing for it!

  2. listen2thea says:

    I really enjoyed your thoughts for the day portion of your post. I feel the same way and have always said I make a choice to be happy each day. I enjoy being happy and positive and I choose to be that way rather than focus on any negative things in life. Granted life is life and everyday isn’t going to be perfectly wonderful–be we can certainly strive for it to be!

    • Thank you! I am happy to hear that, I enjoy being able to focus on the happier things in life! Of course, there are always negative things that pop up in life, but usually in my experience there is something positive 🙂

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