5 Tips To Lose Weight

I’ve decided that Tuesday and Thursday’s will be miscellaneous writing days for me.  They will be days that I can write about whatever I want. Today, I feel like talking about 5 things that have helped me lose the weight so far.  Don’t get me wrong from the title; I am definitely not trying to be preachy!  My hope is just to show what things I have kept in mind going through this process and what has been really effective for me.

1. Consistency-For me it was important to be consistent with everything I ate and when I worked out.  Although I’m sure there are studies that support and go against this, I found the weight just slid off when I was consistent with my diet.  I eat meals around the same time pretty much every day.  You might ask if this would become boring.  The answer is it definitely can, which is why I always try to make something different at dinner. But in the end, I know I can entertain myself in ways other than food and losing the weight is too important to stop because of boredom!

2. Motivation-What motivates me? What motivates you?  In order to effectively lose weight, I think one needs to find what truly motivates them and to be flexible about it.  When I began my journey, my motivation consisted of wanting to be able to do things that I just couldn’t easily do anymore.  To be able to play basketball without getting out of breath.  Now that I can do that, my motivation is more about getting healthy and getting in shape.  I think it’s important to allow your motivations to change as you change.

3. Honesty-This one is definitely in my opinion the hardest!  Part of the reason I’m starting this blog is to be honest with myself and whoever else reads this about where I came from, where I am currently, and where I hope to go.  I am becoming firm in the belief that in order for me to keep the weight off I need to be honest and accountable to what I do, even if it’s just me who knows it.  Sometimes being honest with who you are and weight issues especially can be incredibly hard! But once you are honest about it all, it really feels great.

4. Support-Who supports you? How can you get the support you need? Where are you going to go for support?  All of these were important questions for me as I started my journey to lose weight.  I’ve found that my family and friends have been incredibly supportive of me and it really makes the whole process much easier.  So to everyone who has been supporting me, I want to give a huge THANK YOU!

5. A Mental and Physical Break-Sometimes we just need a break.  Take it!  Forgive yourself when you are done and get right back at it!

Any Thoughts? Leave your comments below!

About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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10 Responses to 5 Tips To Lose Weight

  1. I love your 5 points – I was similarly motivated when I started my blog on healing asthma

  2. Great tips! I think support is a huge tip that people tend to not think about a whole lot. This journey would be so much harder if I didn’t have my mom and friends supporting me, as well as great people like you!

  3. cruz2lose says:

    I think that your list is very reflective and motivational. Those 5 things are very important to changing one’s lifestyle. You are definately heading in a positive direction and I support you!
    Go David!

  4. genkikitty says:

    Love your points! I think it’s also important to state “determination” and “brutal force”. There are just some days that one does not have the want to get out there and workout – but that is when determination comes into play. When determination hits rock bottom – brutal force gets me going. lol I have to yell at myself to get out the door to go running some days. If only I could give my own tush a good push out the door on those days. haha

    • Absolutely, thank you for your points as well! Sometimes it is necessary to push yourself to the extreme even when it feels like you can’t. Not only can it push forward your weight loss but it can help you feel like the king of the world! With that being said, it’s also important to forgive yourself if you happen to make a mistake and get right back at it the next day 🙂

      Thank you so much for checking out the blog, hope to hear from you in the future!

  5. Carl says:

    Brilliant posting, I am viewing back again more often to watch out for upgrades.

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