What does real practical weight loss take?

296….296 pounds.

Me at almost 300 pounds!

That was a shocker to me. Now I had known that I was up there, but I never had a clue that it was that much. I always had convinced myself that I looked alright even while being that big.  I decided that it was enough self-loathing and enough being depressed.  Past failures did not have to mean that I would fail again. To give you a bit of history on what I mean, I have been overweight obese, for pretty much all of my life.  Like almost anyone else, I have always drastically wanted to change that.  I have probably tried almost every diet/lifestyle change in the book.  I’ve even had success in my other attempts.  But every time the weight would come back.  Whether it was weight watchers when I was around 240, where I lost around 15 pounds and gained an extra 40, or Atkins, which I did twice.  Most recently (two years ago) on Atkins, I started at 278, lost 40 pounds and as you can see above almost gained 60!

Now I’m not saying that either of these diets don’t work, but for me they just weren’t viable long term. For about two years after Atkins, I was sullen and didn’t want to put forth the effort to lose weight. My diet for the day would consist of anything ranging from 3-5 thousand calories. I would eat whatever I wanted, usually containing an abnormally high fat content and high high high caloric content.  Almost every night I would have a second dinner of some sort, usually being fast food.  I would pretty much never work out.  Rather I sat and watched TV.

I post all of this, because this is something I never want to go back to. I need to be honest with where I came from in order to prevent myself from going back.  I am now down 61 pounds to 235 and have about 59 pounds left to go.  I am not doing any gimmick.  I believe in consistency.  Be consistent with what you eat and be consistent with your exercise and I believe it will drastically help you lose weight.  I believe in counting calories, taken in and expended.  I hope to continue this effort and keep myself accountable, I do not ever want to be back where I was.

At 237 about to run in my first 5k!


About TestingTrueChange

I am a 22 year old recent graduate working on losing the weight and changing my life in a positive way.
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